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Dear friends,

This month (september 2015) it was 21 years ago that PAPERLATE started on BRTO Radio. A few years back this station became Zuid West FM. Because this station wanted to concentrate on main stream music we were forced to move to Omroep Tholen (SLOTH FM) last january. This summer this station also announced that they wanted to change their musical format and Paperlate was forced to take a two months summerholiday. Unfortunately at this moment (early september) it’s not possible for Paperlate to return to the airwaves because the future of Omroep Tholen and their musical format is still unclear.

We’re very sorry to announce that Paperlate is closed down after 21 years. We refuse to believe that there is no room for progressive rock on the Dutch airwaves, so we see this a temporary close down.

Paperlate will be back on the airwaves, sometime, somewhere!

All the best from the Paperlate team!

Martijn, Theo, Wilfried, Jan, André


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This week another Uriah Heep special in Paperlate, the last one was two years ago when the band visited the hometowm of Zuidwest FM, the station that transmitted Paperlate then. Uriah Heep will be back in Bergen op Zoom on Friday, May 15th so it’s time for another Heep special this Tuesday. Former Paperlate webmaster and since a long time webmaster of the offical Uriah Heep Homepage [ ] will be in our studio and together we will chat with Heep drummer RUSSEL GILBROOK. This will be fun!

Paperlate is transmitted by Omroep Tholen FM every tuesday evening from 21.00 – 23.00 p.m. (Dutch time). Webstream at (click on “Luister Live”)

On december 28, 2014 Palerlate said goodbye to Zuidwest FM after more than 20 years. Only a few weeks before that evening the management of Zuidwest FM decided that all music that can be heard on the station should fit in their top-40/80’s/90’s format. Prog doesn’t fit in that format so Paperlate was forced to stop. Since 2006 Paperlate is also transmitted by Omroep Tholen (aka SLOTH FM). We will continue with our show on this station. You can listen to us on tuesday-evening between 21.00 and 23.00 pm Dutch time. Our first show this year will be on tuesday January 13.

Frequencies Omroep Tholen

106.5 FM (over the air)

107.6 FM (Delta analog cable)

kanaal 996 (Delta digital cable)

webstream: (click on “luister live”)



GASHUNTERS is a prog-project from the Netherlands build around composer/musician/lyricist HANS GEURTS. Gashunters is a studio project that started in April 2013. In something more than a year they already released 3 albums and a single. The latest album “The End of the Big Bang” was released in April 2014 and later this year the next album will be released. In a Gashunters 2.0 version some musicians and vocalists will be participating, e.g. guitar hero DANI ROGOSIC! Not only the amount of music from Gashunters is impressive but also the music itself. This Sunday (July 6th) Hans Geurts will be in our studio to talk about this impressive project!

Thanks to our friends from the German radioshow “ROCK ART” from Ems-Vechte-Welle Radio we’re highlighted this month in the German Empire-magazine!


DARRYL WAY is best known as a member and co-founder of CURVED AIR, but he also had his own band DARRYL WAY’S WOLF and contributed to albums of JETHRO TULL, MARIANNE FAITHFULL and the legendary Dutch prog-outfit fromt the late Rick van der Linden TRACE. Darryl just released his new solo-album “CHILDREN OF THE COSMOS” on Cherry Red Records, just about at the same time as his former band released their first album that includes new studio material since 1976: “NORTH STAR” (also on Cherry Red Records). Although Darryl isn’t a member of Curved Air nowadays, the new album contains several songs that were co-written by Darryl.
The release of “CHILDREN OF THE COSMOS” follows on from the successful release of Darryl Way’s Ultra Violins album in 2013. The new album is Darryl’s first prog album in over twenty years and demonstrates his creative view of Progressive Rock, forty years after being one of the early founders of the genre.
Tune in to Paperlate this week for an in-depth interview with Darryl frames by songs of his new solo album and tracks from “North Star”

this sunday (June 1, 2014) interview with Ian Fortnam from SONTAAG.


On may 18th the legendary CHRIS THOMPSON visited our studio to promote his new solo album “TOYS & DISHES” (released on Esoteric Antenna). It was fun to have Chris in the studio. We talked about his days in Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and his solo-carreer. Chris also played some songs live together with his newly recruted guitar-player Robby Govarts. Our technician Martijn Paape recorded this on video. Here’s a link to the two live-sessions:

Chris Thompson

Article published by newspaper BN-De Stem on Saturday may 17th, 2014

Chris Thompson

Does he need any introduction? Chris Thompson the voice of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band will be visiting our show on Sunday May 18 to promote his new solo album “TOYS & DISHES”, resleased by Esoteric Antenna last month. We will be talking with Chris about his impressive carreer and he will be preforming some classics and some songs of his new album.

A limited number of fans can be present in the our studio in Bergen op Zoom during the liveshow on Sunday from 19.00 to 21.00 p.m. Just send an email to and we will send a reply a.s.a.p.

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