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Another article written by Jean-Paul Heck, published in Brabants Nieuwsblad on July 15th, 1997, including a picture that was shot during our show the night before. We had two guests in the studio Peter Tetterroo and Ray Fenwick. Both were once members of the Dutch cult-band the Tee Set who had a number one hit all over the world with Ma Belle Ami. Ray also joined the Dutch psych/prog band After Tea. When he had to leave our country he joined the Spencer Davis Group and the Ian Gillan Band. Ray returned several times to our show and even played a few times live. Peter unfortunately died in 2002, we dedicated a song to him that year when Focus payed live in our studio.

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NIC POTTER was best known for his memberhip of VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR, but he also made some terrific solo-albums such as The Blue Zone and Dreamworld Besides that he contributed to a lot of solo-albums from Peter Hammill. Nic died on January 17 from this year, a great loss.
We did a special on Nic’s carreer back in 2010 (check out playlist no 649) During that special we interviewed Nic. Our technician Martijn went through his personal archive and found the recording of the interview! We will repeat this interview this sunday!

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Er is de laatste tijd een zekere Jan (niet onze technicus!!) actief op Marktplaats met aan- en verkoop van CD’s en vinyl. Zonder toestemming gebruikt deze persoon het logo van Nederpopclassics en wekt daarmee ten onrechte wellicht de indruk dat hij iets met Nederpopclassics en/of Paperlate heeft te maken. Dat is dus absoluut niet het geval. Wij hebben de betreffende persoon dan ook vriendelijk verzocht het logo niet meer te gebruiken bij zijn advertenties.

ScanbnAnother newspaper article from the early days. This one was published in Brabants Nieuwsblad on February 24, 1997. The article was written by Jean-Paul Heck, in those days a freelance reporter and now owner the musicmagazine

TV-cover-art2On Sunday, January 27, 2013 Dutch band THE AURORA PROJECT will be in our studio to talk about their new album “Selling the Aggression”. Off course we will also play some tracks of this album. The album will be released by the new Dutch label Freia Music on Februay 8 on CD and vinyl. The album will be launched that evening at 20:00 p.m. at the Tripodia venue in Katwijk aan Zee/Holland.

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Metal Mind Productions will release the follow up of CLIVE NOLAN’S project CAMOORA on March 4 (2013) in Europe, the title of this album is ALCHEMY. The album is about a Victorian adventure set in 1842, with a sense of the dark and mysterious.
This sunday, January 20, 2013 we will have an interview in our show with Clive Nolan about this new project.


Personal message from Sel in the limited edtion from The Octopus

Personal message from Sel in the limited edtion from The Octopus


This afternoon I had contact with Sel Balamir from Amplifier and Roel from Bertus Distributie. It´s arranged that we will have an interview with Sel just before the release of the new Amplifier album `Echo Street´. Street date for Holland is March 11. We interviewed Sel two years back at the time that `The Octopus` was released. This wasn´t an easy job to do, because it was impossible to get him on the line. The Amplifier fans enjoyed it, because we kept on trying and in the meanwhile we were playing extra tracks of the album. We finally got Sel on the phone a few minutes before the News-bulletin. After the interview Sel offered me a limited edition of `The Octopus` with a pesonal message (see picture). Sel promised to be at home with his family this time :). Well I’m looking foreward to talk with him again and to listen to “Echo Street”


DSC01178AOn January 3 this year BN De Stem published an article from Willem Jongeneelen about our 750th show. Almost 17 years ago Willem Jongeneelen also wrote about Paperlate. It was the first big article about our show, it appeared in Brabants Nieuwsblad on January 27, 1996.  Our program was described as a show for sentimental people above 30 years! It´s fun to read this back. Look at the picture, it was the time of the hairy faces!



Reporter wanted!!

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Het Paperlate team is op zoek naar een enthousiaste medewerker.  De gedachten gaan uit naar iemand die:

– in de buurt van Bergen op Zoom woont

– in ons team past

– verstand heeft van progrock

– goed Engels spreekt

– in staat in zelfstandig interviews af te nemen op lokatie

Het gaat vooraf om het bezoeken van concerten etc waarvoor wij uitgenodigd worden. Binnen het bestaande team is er meestal te weinig tijd om op alle uitnidigingen in te gaan.

Interesse?  graag een mailtje naar

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New Logo

New Logo

After many years the key-playing crab that was in our logo had retired. Our new logo is designed by the Ed Unitsky.  We´re very proud that Ed offered to make this new logo. Thank you very much Ed!!

The Art Of Ed Unitsky

Ed Unitsky is an international visual artist and designer, well known for his surrealistic fantasy images and mesmerizing album covers.

He has designed cover art for the albums of The Tangent, Guy Manning, The Flower Kings, Tomas Bodin, Starcastle, D’Arcana, Jay Tausig, Robert Svilpa, Laurie Larson, Moongarden, Unitopia, Mandalaband, Nine Stones Close, Oresund Space Collective, Riversea, Silhouette, and many others, primarily progressive rock bands and musicians.

There are more than 60 CD, DVD, digital albums, vinyl releases with his artworks at the moment.

Working in the field of the digital art, Ed Unitsky has created a number of artworks for other music, projects as well – from logos, designs/artworks for websites, promo-videos and presentations, to stage set design.

Ed has got thousands of completed spiritual artworks and continues to design album covers while expanding his artistic energies to his personal artwork pursuits.

Discover the world of Ed Unitsky Art!

Ed Unitsky official sources: Personal site:



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