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Here’s another newspaperarticle about our first webmaster Louis Rentrop who will be at the mic this Sunday in our Uriah Heep special. This article was published yesterday in BN-DeStem.



Yesterday we announced that our first webmaster (and sometimes DJ / inverviewer) Louis Rentrop will be back at the mic this Sunday in our Uriah Heep special. We had many interviews in the past with Uriah Heep and ex-Uriah Heep members thanks to Louis because he’s one the most dedicated Uriah Heep fans in our country (or better: the most dedicated in our country). Recently a local newspaper published this article about Louis and his relationship with Uriah Heep.
Please notice that we do not state that Louis is the biggest Uriah Heep fan in the world. Louis found someone (a famous person) in Scandinavia who earns this title. Do you wanna know who this person is? Listen this Sunday to our show because the greatest Uriah Heep fan in the world will also be interviewed.


Uriah Heep will play live at Gebouw T in Bergen op Zoom on May 2nd. Last weekend the band announced that Bernie Shaw won’t be on stage with the band for medical reasons. Instead of Bernie the former leadsinger John Lawton (who was interviewed in Paperlate in last December) will reunite with the band for the first time in many years for this tour that starts in Bergen op Zoom.
This sunday will have a 2 hour Uriah Heep special. For this event our first webmaster (and sometimes DJ / interviewer) Louis Rentrop will join us and take place at the mic, also for the first time in many years. We intended to do an interview with Mick Box and Bernie Shaw. The picture above this article suggests that Bernie will be interviewed, but we will only interview Mick. Besides that we will also have a very dedicated (and famous) Heep fan in our show.


The London based progrock band LANDMARQ, founded in 1990, did some very succesfull concerts in the Netherlands and Europe last February. They will be back in the Netherlands on April 19th as one of the highlites on the Rock Ittervoort Festival.
Last year the band released the album “Entertaining Angels”, it’s now in the shops as a special limited edition in a pacakge with a bonus-cd. This Sunday you can hear some tracks of this album and a live interview by phone with Landmarq’s front-lady Tracy Hitchings.


In our next show, transmitted live on Sunday, april 14 on Zuidwest FM and repeated Tuesday april 16 on Omroep Tholen we will have an interview with ROB REED. Rob is the keyboardplayer of Magenta, the band he fromed with Christina Booth, back in 1999 when he just had left Cyan. Rob also formed the supergroup KOMPENDIUM. Besides Rob Reed and Christina Booth Kompendium includes Magenta’s Chris Frey, Steve Hackett, Francis Dunnery, Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), Mel Collins (King Crimson, Camel), Nick Beggs (Steve Wilson, Steve Hackett), Jakko Jakszyk (20th Century Schizoid Band), Troy Donockley (Nightwish), Neil Taylor (Robbie Williams), Nick Barrett (Pendragon), John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost*), BJ Cole (Elton John, Dave Gilmour), Steve Balsamo (Jon Lord, Eric Wolfson), Synergy Vocals (Steve Wilson, Steve Reich), The London Session Orchestra arranged by Dave Stewart, The English Chamber Choir conducted by Guy Protheroe. It took three years to record the masterpiece “Beaneath the Waves” It was released last year and voted by the members of the Classic Rock Society as the best album of 2012!


Polish progrockers OSADA VIDA released their first album back in 2000. Recently their 6th album “PARTICLES” was released by Metal Mind Productions. The albums of OSADA VIDA are all really very fine high-class prog albums. “PARTICLES” contains 9 original induvidual songs that remind of the 70’s output of Yes and King Crimson, the new songs are more “prog” than “metal”. A 10th song (Bonustrack) is also included: a spledid version of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”. This Sunday we’ll let you hear some songs of this album and we’ll talk with the Osada Vida guitarplayer Bartek Bereska.

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After a wait of over 20 years, the legendary progoutfit HAZE are finally back with the brand new studio album THE LAST BATTLE, featuring the classic line-up of Paul Chisnell and Chris & Paul McMahon, with the addition of Ceri Ashton and special guest Catrin Ashton.

THE LAST BATTLE features 14 new recordings, totaling over 72 minutes and was released jointly by Cyclops Records and Gabadon Records on 25th March 2013.

In our next show, broadcasted live on Sunday, April 7, 2013 between 19.00 p.m. and 21.00 p.m. Dutch time we’ll let you hear some highlites from the album and we’ll talk with our long-time friend Chris McMahon about this splendid new HAZE album.