It all started almost 15 years ago when the very young and talented drummer Ruben van Rompaey formed the band Metropolis with his brother Rutger van Rompaey on guitar and Donny Dietvorst on bass. Metropolis released the album “Time and Magic”. They played several times live in our show. A very limited album was released “Metropolis live at BRTO’s Paperlate” Both albums are now very sought-after.
Metropolis made fine fusion, but the memebers were too busy with their study and other projects to go ahead with this band.
Ruben is winner of several awards, such as the Tama Drummer’s Award (1999), Erasmus Jazz Award (2001) and a special Scholarship (2001). After having obtained his master degree cum laudeat at the conservatory, Ruben taught there for several years, before finally founding his own Eastern Expressions International School of Drums & Percussion in Rotterdam, with the notorious slogan: “Be Yourself” as the school’s vision.
As a solo artist and workshop leader Ruben performed at a variety of national and international Jazz and Bellydance festivals, which brought him to countries like USA and Japan.
Ruben became a big name in the scene of the world music for his cd trilogy “Eastern Expressions”.

Ruben was born in the Paperlate home-town Bergen op Zoom and grew up there. He left our city and our country for his carreer.He has been touring intensively in the far east, which has influenced his music. He’s back in our country for a little while and we are glad that he will visit our show after all those years. It’s allways a surprise what Ruben will do in our show. Ten years back he brought his drumkit with him without announcing this. Recently we discovered a video-recording in our archive of his improvistion during that show:
Ruben soon will release his new album “B who you R”, so we’re gonna talk about this and let you hear some pieces from this album. Maybe we have some improvisation on the studio again.

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