They’re from the Paperlate hometown Bergen op Zoom and made very much impression with their first album two years back: SIMIUS. Their first album “Overuture Essence” was released two years back and even was in the top 10 of the Dutch charts for independend albums for several months. We’ve looked forward to the new album of the Led Zeppelin influenced progressive hardrockers! They played two of the new songs live in our 750th show back in January:
The new Simius album “Paradigm Shift” wil be released this week. The release party is (offcourse) in Bergen op Zoom in Gebouw T on July 18 at 20.30 uur. It’s a free concert!!
We invited the complete band to be in our show next week to talk about the new album. This week you’ll get a sneak preview and we’ll have an interview with Simius member Laurens Kil.