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The international but Rotterdam-based band THE RELATIVES allready made some fame as they are one of the few “Canterbury bands” from this decade. Sure they are directly connected to the legandary Canterbury scene via their bassist Jack Monck and guitarist Phil Miller. They allready worked with Phil Miller on their album “Live in Rotterdam”. The bands’ third album “Virtually” is just released on their own label Relatives Records. The album is officially credited to “The Relatives & Phil Miller featuring special guest Richard Sinclair” This must be enough for all Canterbury fanatics to buy this album without even listening!

Sure “Virtually” has classic Canterburry influences, but also American Jazz / Blues influences are present. Sometimes “Virtually” sounds like Steely Dan, one of the first bands who incorparated American Jazz and blues into artrock. The Relatives may be influenced by all these things, but they have their own vibrant and virtuoso sound. Shall we start calling this sound “post-Canterbury”? All in all “Virtually” sounds unique and certainly not old fashioned and its the first post-Canterbury album on the market!

Willem Jan Droog, keyboardplayer of the Relatives and the only band-member living in the Netherlands will be in our studio this sunday (september 29, 2013) to talk about “the making of Virtually”. We will also do a phone call with the legendary Richard Sinclair, former member of Camel and Caravan. Richard is living in Italy and was the first international artist to play live in our show in the mid-nineties. We will also play one of the recordings from this remarkable session!.

The music of the Relatives is allready frequently played on Dutch radio station Radio 6 Jazz Live FM, BBC 6 Music and Cornewall’s Source FM. We’re proud to add the Relatives to our playlist as well!



BILLY SHERWOOD, most famous for his membership of YES did a great job last year by forming the supergroup PROG COLLECTIVE. The first Prog Collective album was a great succes. The follow up of the self-titled debut named “EPILOGUE” is just released. This new edition of Billy Sherwood’s Prog Collective has even more impressive names involved than the first edition: Rick Wakeman, Steve Stevens, Chris Squire, Peter Banks, Steve Morse, Larry Fast, Alan Parsons, Sonja Kristina, Jordan Rudess, Steve Hillage, John Wesley, Nik Turner, Geoff Downes, Roye Albrighton, Gary Green, Tony Kaye, Colin Moulding, Mel Collins, John Wetton, Derek Sherinian, Billy Sherwood, Fee Waybill, Patrick Moraz, Jim Cuomo. Most remaktable are the contributions well from William Shater (Yes indeed Star Trek’s Captain Kirk himself!) and the late Peter Banks. With a little imgaination you can say Prog Collective is a rare Yes line-up with guest musicians.

Billy is allready a steady guest in our show. We will interview him by phone for the third time in our liveshow from Sunday, september 22, 2013. We look forward to this!

The new Prog Collective album is released by Cleopatra Records:\
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NIK TURNER (born on August 26, 1940) was one of the founder members of the legendary spacerock band HAWKWIND. Back in 1969 he formed this band with Robert Calvert and Dave Brock. Nik played saxophone and clarinet, but also did vocals and percussion on several Hawkwind albums. He left Hawkwind for the first time in 1976. Nik played on more than 20 Hawkwind albums and did uncountable gigs with the band or members of the band. He also had his own band Sphynx. After leaving Hawkwind Nik released 15 albums with his band Sphynx and as a solo artist. His latest solo album SPACE GYPSY is just released by Purple Pyramid. This album is surely one of the classic spacerock albums from the future. It has contributions from former Hawkwind drummer Simon House and Steve Hillage (ex Gong).
Five years ago when “Xitintoday” from Sphynx was rereleased by Esoteric Recordings, we did an interview with Nik. It was really a pleasure to talk with Nik. We’re very proud to announce that we will interview this legendary spacerocker again. We’re hapy that he has time for this interview just a few weeks before the start of his North American tour. Tune in to our show on Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 19.00 pm Dutch time to listen to this live interview and some impressive tracks from SPACE GYPSY.

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