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They’re one of most succesfull prog bands from this moment. Cosidered not only by us but also by many other prog fans as the successors of Pink Floyd.
The story of Mostly Autum started in the last years of the last century. In 2002 it was time to do a small tour on the continent. The band visited Paperlate’s home-town Bergen op Zoom for an instore gig in record shop “De waterput” and a recording session for Paperlate that same evening in the BRTO-studio.
Paperlate was the first radioshow outside the UK that had the honour to air a live session by Mostly Autumn. During the years we kept in contact with the band and had several interviews. Tomorrow we have another interview, this time with Brian and Olivia! We’re looking foreward to this!

Mostly Autum will be playing a very special Christmas show in Gebouw T in Bergen op Zoom on December 13. For this special occasion the Paperlate Road Show will be back after 10 years of absense to take care of the music in Gebouw T before and after the concert.

Tune in sunday to hear Brian and Olivia talk about the Christmas show and other things and off-course to listen to the music of Mostly Autumn, including some highlits from the session recorded for our show in 2002.



We’re very proud to announce that we will do an interview tomorrow with Adam Hodgson of the UK chart-topping progband TOUCHSTONE.
Touchstone was founded at the beginning of this millenium. Adam was allready a bandmember in the early days. The band’s first release was the EP “Mad Hatters” back in 2006. A month back Touchstone released their fourth full-lengt studio album “Oceans of time” on Cherry Red.The first week after it’s release the album entered the UK rock album charts.
Touchstone is often compared to other UK progbands with female vocalists such as Mostly Autumn and Magenta, but their music is more rock orientated and more guitar driven. When a comparison is made not only on the excellent vocals of Kim Seviour, but also on the strong compositions and Adam’s virtuoso guitar playing, then they come close to Led Zeppelin. Just as Zep Touchstone is a band that should be seen on stage. They just did some gigs in their homecountry to promote their new album and announced to release a live DVD. We’re all lookin’ foreward to the release of the DVD and we wonder when they will be visiting the European Mainland again. Perhaps Adam can tell this tomorrow….


Los Angeles based prog-project XNA just released their debut album on Cleopatra Records: WHEN WE CHANGED YOU.
The album is produced by Circa member and former Yes-guitarist BILLY SHERWOOD and has its roots in the classic seventies prog as made by Yes and Genesis in the early days of prog. XNA was founded by vocalist David Hussey of Genesis tribute band Gabble Ratchet and keyboardist Adam Malin, composer/author of several solo sci-fi rock operas including “Singularity” and co-founder of Creation Entertainment, the company responsible for the original Star Trek Convention. Producer Billy Sherwood also plays some guitar and bass parts on “When we changed you”. It’s not only beacause of David Hussey’s voice that the album reminds you so much of old-shool Genesis, it’s the virtuosity of all band members and the compositions all together that makes this album a must for all prog fans.Everything fits toghether on this album!
Listen to some highlights of the album tomorrow in our show and a live interview with David Hussey.


The Italian prog band SARASTRO BLAKE just released their impressive first album “NEW PROGMANTICS”. Just like the Belgium outfit FISH ON FRIDAY that was in our show last week, this Italian band is very inspired by the Alan Parsons Project. Their sound also reminds now and then to the great Italian bands from the 70’s (Paolo’s guitar teacher was a member of the legendary New Trolls!) An impressive list of guest musicians is playing on “New Progmantics”: Rick Wakeman (YES), Richard Sinclair (Caravan/Hatfield & The North/Camel), Nick Magnus (Steve Hackett band), David Paton (Alan Parsons Project), Dave Lawson (Greenslade), Billy Sherwood (YES) and Amanda Lehmann (Steve Hackett band).

Tomorrow we will talk with Paolo Pigni (also known from Mogador) about his brainchild Sarastro Blake and the making of what some people say the best prog album of 2013: “New Progmantics”

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