On december 28, 2014 Palerlate said goodbye to Zuidwest FM after more than 20 years. Only a few weeks before that evening the management of Zuidwest FM decided that all music that can be heard on the station should fit in their top-40/80’s/90’s format. Prog doesn’t fit in that format so Paperlate was forced to stop. Since 2006 Paperlate is also transmitted by Omroep Tholen (aka SLOTH FM). We will continue with our show on this station. You can listen to us on tuesday-evening between 21.00 and 23.00 pm Dutch time. Our first show this year will be on tuesday January 13.

Frequencies Omroep Tholen

106.5 FM (over the air)

107.6 FM (Delta analog cable)

kanaal 996 (Delta digital cable)

webstream: http://www.omroeptholen.nl (click on “luister live”)

podcast: http://ot-gemist.nl/rtvuitzendingen/uitzendinggemist/program.php?programid=46