Dear friends,

This month (september 2015) it was 21 years ago that PAPERLATE started on BRTO Radio. A few years back this station became Zuid West FM. Because this station wanted to concentrate on main stream music we were forced to move to Omroep Tholen (SLOTH FM) last january. This summer this station also announced that they wanted to change their musical format and Paperlate was forced to take a two months summerholiday. Unfortunately at this moment (early september) it’s not possible for Paperlate to return to the airwaves because the future of Omroep Tholen and their musical format is still unclear.

We’re very sorry to announce that Paperlate is closed down after 21 years. We refuse to believe that there is no room for progressive rock on the Dutch airwaves, so we see this a temporary close down.

Paperlate will be back on the airwaves, sometime, somewhere!

All the best from the Paperlate team!

Martijn, Theo, Wilfried, Jan, André