Once a month we have a full hour (or more) dedicated to Dutch bands only, we have a seperate site for this item

facebook: Paperlate Radioshow

twitter: #paperlate radioshow

established: 1994 (we’re one of the longest running prog radioshows in the Netherlands)

Radiostations / webstreams / podcast

Radiostations: sunday evening 19.00 – 22.00 pm. (Dutch time) Zuidwest FM (formerly BRTO-Radio), webstream and webcam

tuesday evening 21.00 – 23.00 pm (Dutch time) Omroep Tholen webstream, click on `luister live`


possible listeners range (excluding Internet listeners) 200.000

Both Zuidwest FM and Omroep Tholen are local / regional FM Radiostations. Both stations have a webstream on their homepage. ZuidwestFM also has a live webcam.


format: progressive and classic rock

We pay attention to progressive and classic rock from the late sixties until today. Our focus is the just released or soon to be released albums, but after every 15-20 minutes of new music we try to include an older track.

We do play progressive metal, but please notice we don’t include heavy metal or punk.


possibility for interviews: live during our sunday-evening show, we prefer Skype but we can make a call to a landline as well

Skype account Skype-paperlateradioshow

all interviews have to be in English or Dutch. We don’t give the questions before the interview.

it is also possible to arrange an interview by e-mail. We will send questions and the artist can send the answers back as MP3 files (one file for each answer)

possibility for face to face interviews / studio sessions, please contact for details

Airplay submission

We accept digital promo’s from a few major record companies, but in general we only accept decent physical promo’s, complete with band-bio and contact details. We understand that it is verry expensive to send physical promo’s, but please try to understand our position. We simply get too many digital music to make a serious selection. A lot of the digital promo’s that are not send by professional organistions are not complete and far from FM-broadcast quality.

So please send physical promo´s if you want to get airplay.  Send an email to get the adress to

Jingles /ID´s/ Band- and Conertpromo’s etc

We encourage all artists that send us promo’s to send us jingles / bandpromo;s or short studiosessions

All jingles / promo’s must include the name of the artist and the name of Paperlate Radioshow. We leave it to your fantasy,

Studiosessions are nice, especially if between the songs the name of our show is menioned. Average time of studiosessions: 20 minutes.

Jingles and bandpromo’s can be send as MP3 files. Studiosessions only as CDR or Flac (absolute not as MP3 files)

Some highlites from the past

We did sessions in our studio with Mostly Autumn, Focus, Rick van der Linden, Richard Sinclair, Gridnolog, Lady Lake and a lot of others

Interviews by phone and face to face with Andy Latimer, John Wetton, Jon Anderson, Uriah Heep, Alquin, Supersister, Jan Akkerman, Fish, Marillion, Erik Norlander, Lana Lane, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Tractor, Nektar, The Watch, Steve Hackett, Bill Bruford, Flower Kings, Steven Wilson, Kerry Livgrin, Dave Greenslade, Peter Hammill, Van der Graaf Generator, Adam Wakeman, Galahad, IQ, Pendragon, Magic Pie, Haze, Demians, Jan Schelhaas, RPWL, Collin Bass, Saga, Chris Thompson, Alan Reed and many more.