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Thanks to our friends from the German radioshow “ROCK ART” from Ems-Vechte-Welle Radio we’re highlighted this month in the German Empire-magazine!



Chris Thompson

Article published by newspaper BN-De Stem on Saturday may 17th, 2014


Here’s another newspaperarticle about our first webmaster Louis Rentrop who will be at the mic this Sunday in our Uriah Heep special. This article was published yesterday in BN-DeStem.


Yesterday we announced that our first webmaster (and sometimes DJ / inverviewer) Louis Rentrop will be back at the mic this Sunday in our Uriah Heep special. We had many interviews in the past with Uriah Heep and ex-Uriah Heep members thanks to Louis because he’s one the most dedicated Uriah Heep fans in our country (or better: the most dedicated in our country). Recently a local newspaper published this article about Louis and his relationship with Uriah Heep.
Please notice that we do not state that Louis is the biggest Uriah Heep fan in the world. Louis found someone (a famous person) in Scandinavia who earns this title. Do you wanna know who this person is? Listen this Sunday to our show because the greatest Uriah Heep fan in the world will also be interviewed.


announcement regional newspaper BN De Stem on thursday, March 7, 2013


On Thursday, October 3, 1996 Brabants Nieuwsblad announced the visit of Robert Jan Stips (Supersister, Nits) to our show on the coming sunday. The article was read by one of Robert Jan’s biggest fans: Theo Huberts. That sunday he vistited our show with his son Nick and since that time Theo is a dedicated member of the Paperlate-team!

Recently during the 750th show a lot of people who were involved in our show and BRTO-Radio in those day visited us and they all remembered this show. Indeed it was a disaster! Just after the news-bulletin between the first and second hour there was smoke coming out of the mixing console. We got it soon under control but we had to take the transmitter off air. The listeners got a message about technical problems and we were off-air. I’m afraid the smoke was mentioned in that message, so many people came to take a look.
A lot of people now remember that they’ve seen the fire brigade in the studio, they remember a real big fire. One person even seems to remember the studio was completely burned down.
But it wasn’t so bad at all, yes there was smoke and we had to stop the show, but there was no fire-brigade and the studiobuilding wasn’t gone o ashes. Robert Jan didn’t stop laughing, it remebered him to the eary days of Supersister.


A picture from this remarkable show with Robert Jan Stips (where’s the smoke and the fire brigade?) From left to right: André (with moustache, remember this was 1996) Robert Jan Stips and technician Helmuth.


Another article written by Jean-Paul Heck, published in Brabants Nieuwsblad on July 15th, 1997, including a picture that was shot during our show the night before. We had two guests in the studio Peter Tetterroo and Ray Fenwick. Both were once members of the Dutch cult-band the Tee Set who had a number one hit all over the world with Ma Belle Ami. Ray also joined the Dutch psych/prog band After Tea. When he had to leave our country he joined the Spencer Davis Group and the Ian Gillan Band. Ray returned several times to our show and even played a few times live. Peter unfortunately died in 2002, we dedicated a song to him that year when Focus payed live in our studio.

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ScanbnAnother newspaper article from the early days. This one was published in Brabants Nieuwsblad on February 24, 1997. The article was written by Jean-Paul Heck, in those days a freelance reporter and now owner the musicmagazine

DSC01178AOn January 3 this year BN De Stem published an article from Willem Jongeneelen about our 750th show. Almost 17 years ago Willem Jongeneelen also wrote about Paperlate. It was the first big article about our show, it appeared in Brabants Nieuwsblad on January 27, 1996.  Our program was described as a show for sentimental people above 30 years! It´s fun to read this back. Look at the picture, it was the time of the hairy faces!



Newspaper article


An article in the newspaper about our upcoming 750th Show (BN de Stem, wednesday january 3, 2013)

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