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Dear friends,

This month (september 2015) it was 21 years ago that PAPERLATE started on BRTO Radio. A few years back this station became Zuid West FM. Because this station wanted to concentrate on main stream music we were forced to move to Omroep Tholen (SLOTH FM) last january. This summer this station also announced that they wanted to change their musical format and Paperlate was forced to take a two months summerholiday. Unfortunately at this moment (early september) it’s not possible for Paperlate to return to the airwaves because the future of Omroep Tholen and their musical format is still unclear.

We’re very sorry to announce that Paperlate is closed down after 21 years. We refuse to believe that there is no room for progressive rock on the Dutch airwaves, so we see this a temporary close down.

Paperlate will be back on the airwaves, sometime, somewhere!

All the best from the Paperlate team!

Martijn, Theo, Wilfried, Jan, André


On december 28, 2014 Palerlate said goodbye to Zuidwest FM after more than 20 years. Only a few weeks before that evening the management of Zuidwest FM decided that all music that can be heard on the station should fit in their top-40/80’s/90’s format. Prog doesn’t fit in that format so Paperlate was forced to stop. Since 2006 Paperlate is also transmitted by Omroep Tholen (aka SLOTH FM). We will continue with our show on this station. You can listen to us on tuesday-evening between 21.00 and 23.00 pm Dutch time. Our first show this year will be on tuesday January 13.

Frequencies Omroep Tholen

106.5 FM (over the air)

107.6 FM (Delta analog cable)

kanaal 996 (Delta digital cable)

webstream: (click on “luister live”)


this sunday (June 1, 2014) interview with Ian Fortnam from SONTAAG.


Celtic proggers IONA will visit our country next week for one the few live appearances in 2014. They’re playing a one off live album launch concert on 19th January at De Troubador in Hardenburg, Netherlands. The band started 2014 with the release of a new live 2CD: “Edge of the world”.

We’re happy to announce that we can talk with the man who plays guitar in Iona since 1989: Dave Bainbridge. Tune in on Sunday January 12 for the first tracks from “Edge of the World” and a live interview by phone with Dave.


NIK TURNER (born on August 26, 1940) was one of the founder members of the legendary spacerock band HAWKWIND. Back in 1969 he formed this band with Robert Calvert and Dave Brock. Nik played saxophone and clarinet, but also did vocals and percussion on several Hawkwind albums. He left Hawkwind for the first time in 1976. Nik played on more than 20 Hawkwind albums and did uncountable gigs with the band or members of the band. He also had his own band Sphynx. After leaving Hawkwind Nik released 15 albums with his band Sphynx and as a solo artist. His latest solo album SPACE GYPSY is just released by Purple Pyramid. This album is surely one of the classic spacerock albums from the future. It has contributions from former Hawkwind drummer Simon House and Steve Hillage (ex Gong).
Five years ago when “Xitintoday” from Sphynx was rereleased by Esoteric Recordings, we did an interview with Nik. It was really a pleasure to talk with Nik. We’re very proud to announce that we will interview this legendary spacerocker again. We’re hapy that he has time for this interview just a few weeks before the start of his North American tour. Tune in to our show on Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 19.00 pm Dutch time to listen to this live interview and some impressive tracks from SPACE GYPSY.

Nik Turner website
Purple Pyramid Records is a devision of Cleopatra Records, website:
Esoteric Recordings:
Paperlate mainpage:


Uriah Heep will play live at Gebouw T in Bergen op Zoom on May 2nd. Last weekend the band announced that Bernie Shaw won’t be on stage with the band for medical reasons. Instead of Bernie the former leadsinger John Lawton (who was interviewed in Paperlate in last December) will reunite with the band for the first time in many years for this tour that starts in Bergen op Zoom.
This sunday will have a 2 hour Uriah Heep special. For this event our first webmaster (and sometimes DJ / interviewer) Louis Rentrop will join us and take place at the mic, also for the first time in many years. We intended to do an interview with Mick Box and Bernie Shaw. The picture above this article suggests that Bernie will be interviewed, but we will only interview Mick. Besides that we will also have a very dedicated (and famous) Heep fan in our show.


In our next show members of the Dutch instrumental prog-rock band TOYZ will be in our studio to talk about the band and their just released album "The Infinite Road". Toyz is a band with a long history; they were formed in the mid-nineties, about 10 years ago they played at several festivals, including "Bospop". Their mini-album "Remember" released in 1998 was heavily played on Arrow Classic Rock. Toyz website:

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