DARRYL WAY is best known as a member and co-founder of CURVED AIR, but he also had his own band DARRYL WAY’S WOLF and contributed to albums of JETHRO TULL, MARIANNE FAITHFULL and the legendary Dutch prog-outfit fromt the late Rick van der Linden TRACE. Darryl just released his new solo-album “CHILDREN OF THE COSMOS” on Cherry Red Records, just about at the same time as his former band released their first album that includes new studio material since 1976: “NORTH STAR” (also on Cherry Red Records). Although Darryl isn’t a member of Curved Air nowadays, the new album contains several songs that were co-written by Darryl.
The release of “CHILDREN OF THE COSMOS” follows on from the successful release of Darryl Way’s Ultra Violins album in 2013. The new album is Darryl’s first prog album in over twenty years and demonstrates his creative view of Progressive Rock, forty years after being one of the early founders of the genre.
Tune in to Paperlate this week for an in-depth interview with Darryl frames by songs of his new solo album and tracks from “North Star”