This Sunday we’ll talk with Eddie Mulder. Eddie is guitar- and bassplayer from the Dutch prog-trio TRION. After six years the band just released their thrird album “Funfair Fantasy” on the Polish label “Oskar”. Since the release of “Pilgrim” in 2007 Trion contributed to several projects, but now finally there’s a new album. Funfair Fantasy contains 10 tracks, composed in Trion’s style. Within these tracks there was room for experimentation while “spontaneity” was a keyword when recording the album. For Trion this album means a logical development, after the band’s two previous albums. Trion is quite confident that “Funfair Fantasy” will find its way to fans of the prog/symfo genre once more.
Allmost at the same time Trion’s first album “Tortoise” that has become a very rare has been re-released. The re-release contains a few very interesting bonustracks. Stuff enough to talk about with Eddie tomorrow!

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