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Om March 11 the new AMPLIFIER album “ECHO STREET” will be released on Kcope. We’re one of the first to give airplay to this album, maybe even the very first! (Thanks Sel and Roel!) Tune in tomorrow to listen to some tracks of the album and an interview with with Amplifier frontman SEL BALAMIR. We’re friends for lifetime since the first interview we did with him. Great to have you in our show again Sel!


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Personal message from Sel in the limited edtion from The Octopus

Personal message from Sel in the limited edtion from The Octopus


This afternoon I had contact with Sel Balamir from Amplifier and Roel from Bertus Distributie. It´s arranged that we will have an interview with Sel just before the release of the new Amplifier album `Echo Street´. Street date for Holland is March 11. We interviewed Sel two years back at the time that `The Octopus` was released. This wasn´t an easy job to do, because it was impossible to get him on the line. The Amplifier fans enjoyed it, because we kept on trying and in the meanwhile we were playing extra tracks of the album. We finally got Sel on the phone a few minutes before the News-bulletin. After the interview Sel offered me a limited edition of `The Octopus` with a pesonal message (see picture). Sel promised to be at home with his family this time :). Well I’m looking foreward to talk with him again and to listen to “Echo Street”

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