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JUDGE SMITH is a real legend! Back in 1968 he and Peter Hammill founded Van Der Graaf Generator. The first record released bij VDGG was People You Were Going To / Firebrand (1969, vinyl single on Polydor). Judge played on this single (Vocals & Slide Saxophone) as member of VDGG, then he left the band, but he contributed to later albums from the band and several solo-albums from their members, inlcuding Peter Hammill.

After he left VDGG Judge worked on his own solo carreer. Our steady listeners will be familiar with his masterpeace “Curly’s Airships”, released in 2000, an epic songstory about the Imperial Airship Scheme and the R 101 disaster of 1929 (With Hugh Banton, John Ellis, Peter Hammill, Arthur Brown, Pete Brown, David Jackson, Paul Roberts). Besides making albums Judge wrote musicals, an opera and he wrote songs for Peter Hammill, Lene Lovich, VDGG,the cast of Not the Nine O’Clock news and a lot of other artists.
Earlier this year he played on the album “Gridlock” from Mr Averell (see newspost from may 17, 2013 on this site) toghether with David Jackson and Hugh Banton.

Recently Judge released his 11th solo-release the song-based album “ZOOT”, so it’s time for another interview in Paperlate. This will be the third interview with Judge. The first was back in 1995, the second last year. Judge also reorded a contribution for our 750th anniversary show, back in january. He even recorded this partly in Dutch (listen to it on this location http://youtu.be/gqKWf2K_L7k )




Dutch allround artist René van Commenée can be considered as a member of the Van Der Graaf Generator family-tree. Making music is only a small part of the work of this artist but he worked together with David Jackson and Judge Smith. René just completed his second song-based album under the name of Mr Averell. Two ex-VDGG members as playing on the album: Judge Smith and David Jackson. Also Hugh Banton who still is a member of VDGG can be heard on the album. Among the other musicians are Lene Lovich, John Ellis and Stuart Gordon who all recorded with Peter Hammill, so the new Mr Averell album titled “GRIDLOCK” is a essential for all VDGG/Hammill fans. The album is a journey through different songs and instrumentals, all with the theatrical Van Commenée signature. We will talk with René about this album in our upcoming show this sunday and off-course we will play some of the songs of “Gridlock”. We must admit that this isn’t the way “Gridlock” should be listened to. The album is meant to be listened in its entire length just as Sgt Peppers and Dark side of the moon!



NIC POTTER was best known for his memberhip of VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR, but he also made some terrific solo-albums such as The Blue Zone and Dreamworld Besides that he contributed to a lot of solo-albums from Peter Hammill. Nic died on January 17 from this year, a great loss.
We did a special on Nic’s carreer back in 2010 (check out playlist no 649) During that special we interviewed Nic. Our technician Martijn went through his personal archive and found the recording of the interview! We will repeat this interview this sunday!

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