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Multi-instrumentalist Blake Carpenter is the leading man from THE MINSTREL’S GHOST. Recently the band released their second album: The Road to Avalon. If you like concept-albums with story lines about medieval England, then this is somthing for you. The album is released by Melodic Revolution Records and comes in a digi-pack with superbe artwork from our friend Ed Unitsky, who is the one and only successor of Roger Dean. I know, we heard the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table before, but that was about 40 years ago! Yes the Rick Wakeman album was a masterpiece, so it takes some courage to make another album on the same story, and believe me The Road to Avalon is another future classic that reminds us not only to that classic album of Rick Wakeman, but also has the spirit of classic Pink Floyd and Genesis albums.

We’re very pleased to have and interview sceduled with Blake in our next show!


New Logo

New Logo

After many years the key-playing crab that was in our logo had retired. Our new logo is designed by the Ed Unitsky.  We´re very proud that Ed offered to make this new logo. Thank you very much Ed!!

The Art Of Ed Unitsky

Ed Unitsky is an international visual artist and designer, well known for his surrealistic fantasy images and mesmerizing album covers.

He has designed cover art for the albums of The Tangent, Guy Manning, The Flower Kings, Tomas Bodin, Starcastle, D’Arcana, Jay Tausig, Robert Svilpa, Laurie Larson, Moongarden, Unitopia, Mandalaband, Nine Stones Close, Oresund Space Collective, Riversea, Silhouette, and many others, primarily progressive rock bands and musicians.

There are more than 60 CD, DVD, digital albums, vinyl releases with his artworks at the moment.

Working in the field of the digital art, Ed Unitsky has created a number of artworks for other music, projects as well – from logos, designs/artworks for websites, promo-videos and presentations, to stage set design.

Ed has got thousands of completed spiritual artworks and continues to design album covers while expanding his artistic energies to his personal artwork pursuits.

Discover the world of Ed Unitsky Art!

Ed Unitsky official sources: Personal site:



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