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Antoine Fafard Occultus Tramitis (cover)

This Sunday we have an interview with ANTOINE FAFARD. The bass-player just released his second solo-album ‘Occultus Tramitis’ on Unicorn Digital. A lot of great musicians contributed to this album: Terry Bozzio (Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa), Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Gavin Harrison (King Crimson, Porcupine Tree), Scott Henderson (Tribal Tech), Simon Phillips (Jeff Beck, Toto), Chad Wackerman (Allan Holdsworth, Frank Zappa) and Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Mike Stern).

Antoine Fafard’s recording career began with the Montreal based band Spaced Out. This band was Antoine’s brainchild and released their first album in 2000. By 2008 Spaced Out had recorded five studio albums, one live album and two DVDs, and had performed on international stages including Nearfest, USA in 2002 and Crescendo, France in 2006.

In 2010, Antoine decided to begin recording under his own name, without the limitations of the band format. His first solo album, ‘Solus Operandi’, released in August 2011, features more than an hour of original instrumental music by Antoine, working with a total of 13 collaborators, including world-class performers such as Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Mike Stern), guitarist Jerry De Villiers Jr and drummer Magella Cormier. ‘Solus Operandi’ was composed on electric fretless bass and classical guitar, after Antoine reacquainted himself with the guitar following many years focusing on the bass.

Which brings us to 2013 and the release of Antoine’s highly anticipated new solo album, ‘Occultus Tramitis’. The music on ‘Occultus Tramitis’ differs between the tracks, and the fusion of influences that characterizes Antoine’s music means it doesn’t fall easily into a single style or genre. However, the album was composed as a complete work. Melodic aspects are beautifully realized by Jerry Goodman, who is featured on more than half of the tracks among odd time signatures, multiple modulations and rhythmical illusions. There are exceptional performances from all Antoine’s collaborators, including spectacular solos.

Tune in this Sunday to listen to some tracks of “Occultus Tramitis” and an interview with Antoine.

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Made in Germany Music just released a box-set with the complete works of the legendary Krautrock band PELL MELL.
Pell Mell were formed in Marburg in 1971 by Thomas Schmitt (violin, guitar, vocals). Their debut album was named after their homecity. Pell Mell were often compared with Ekseption, the Nice and Emerson Lake and Palmer; they often borrowed classical themes and their sound much closer to the English progressive sound from the seventies than the typical Krautrock sound from that era.
The band released 5 albums, the last album “Moldau” was released in 1981, after that the curtain fell down for Pell Mell.
After the band was disbanded Thomas Schmitt formed Skyrider. They made two album, but so far only the first one was released.
The just released beautiful boxed set is a real historical document, it contains all 5 Pell Mell albums and also the 2 Skyrider albums, so the second Skyrider album (“the lost album”) finally gets its release.

This Sunday you can listen to some of the highlights from the box and an exclusive interview with Thomas Schmitt.


Multi-instrumentalist Blake Carpenter is the leading man from THE MINSTREL’S GHOST. Recently the band released their second album: The Road to Avalon. If you like concept-albums with story lines about medieval England, then this is somthing for you. The album is released by Melodic Revolution Records and comes in a digi-pack with superbe artwork from our friend Ed Unitsky, who is the one and only successor of Roger Dean. I know, we heard the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table before, but that was about 40 years ago! Yes the Rick Wakeman album was a masterpiece, so it takes some courage to make another album on the same story, and believe me The Road to Avalon is another future classic that reminds us not only to that classic album of Rick Wakeman, but also has the spirit of classic Pink Floyd and Genesis albums.

We’re very pleased to have and interview sceduled with Blake in our next show!


Just a few days before the Dutch ladies fly to China to preform at the 4th International Festival of Cultural Heritage we have an interview with Joyce Hamers from REINCARNATUS. After the festival Reincarnatus will do a tour in China. Later this summer the band will play in Italy and in our own country.
Reincarnatus was founded in 2005 and was very succesfull right from the start all over Europe. Their first album entered the Dutch charts. Recently the band released their second full-length album “New Life” Reincarnatus plays a mixture of medieval music and today’s rock, they use very unusual old-fashioned instruments, it’s a real treat for ear and eye to see them on stage.


JUDGE SMITH is a real legend! Back in 1968 he and Peter Hammill founded Van Der Graaf Generator. The first record released bij VDGG was People You Were Going To / Firebrand (1969, vinyl single on Polydor). Judge played on this single (Vocals & Slide Saxophone) as member of VDGG, then he left the band, but he contributed to later albums from the band and several solo-albums from their members, inlcuding Peter Hammill.

After he left VDGG Judge worked on his own solo carreer. Our steady listeners will be familiar with his masterpeace “Curly’s Airships”, released in 2000, an epic songstory about the Imperial Airship Scheme and the R 101 disaster of 1929 (With Hugh Banton, John Ellis, Peter Hammill, Arthur Brown, Pete Brown, David Jackson, Paul Roberts). Besides making albums Judge wrote musicals, an opera and he wrote songs for Peter Hammill, Lene Lovich, VDGG,the cast of Not the Nine O’Clock news and a lot of other artists.
Earlier this year he played on the album “Gridlock” from Mr Averell (see newspost from may 17, 2013 on this site) toghether with David Jackson and Hugh Banton.

Recently Judge released his 11th solo-release the song-based album “ZOOT”, so it’s time for another interview in Paperlate. This will be the third interview with Judge. The first was back in 1995, the second last year. Judge also reorded a contribution for our 750th anniversary show, back in january. He even recorded this partly in Dutch (listen to it on this location )