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In our 750th show a few members of PBII were in our studio to talk about their project “1000 Wishes” (watch this video
http://youtu.be/gqKWf2K_L7k ) and they also allowd us to play the raw version of the song “Evil Weed” with Steve Hackett on guitar. It’s time to talk again with one of the members of PBII: the album is released and reached number 1 in the “Wereldse 10” list from Progwereld, the album was played live with an orchestra and choir and another live-show is announced for June 9 in Rijswijk. Remember all profits of “1000 Wishes” go to KIKA (Kinderen Kankervrij = Children free of cancer)




Another article written by Jean-Paul Heck, published in Brabants Nieuwsblad on July 15th, 1997, including a picture that was shot during our show the night before. We had two guests in the studio Peter Tetterroo and Ray Fenwick. Both were once members of the Dutch cult-band the Tee Set who had a number one hit all over the world with Ma Belle Ami. Ray also joined the Dutch psych/prog band After Tea. When he had to leave our country he joined the Spencer Davis Group and the Ian Gillan Band. Ray returned several times to our show and even played a few times live. Peter unfortunately died in 2002, we dedicated a song to him that year when Focus payed live in our studio.


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